Welcome to the Norfolk Public Schools Refresh NPS – Connecting Community to Education Web site. The Refresh NPS project began in 2013-2014 with an eight-month Educational Facilities Usage study, overseen by a Community Steering Committee guided by DeJONG-RICHTER, an Ohio-based educational facilities planning firm. The study resulted in a series of recommendations, which the School Board adopted in March 2014. You can see those recommendations below in Part 1 of the Final Report. The work continues during 2014-2015. The School Board has charged the community Steering Committee, again under the guidance of DeJONG-RICHTER, with making additional recommendations to work toward the following goals across Norfolk Public Schools:


-          Balanced utilization for all facilities;

-          Balanced student socio-economic diversity across all schools;

-          A blend of neighborhood schools with choice opportunities; and,

-          Direct “feeder” patterns for all schools, from elementary to middle to high.


This Web site will keep the community updated with reports and presentations that are made as part of the ongoing project.


View an interactive map of Norfolk Public Schools.

NOTE: Data descriptions within the map containing the phrase “Living In Zone” represents the number of school-aged children living in the school attendance zone, a figure that is for planning purposes only and does not reflect actual enrollment.

Download a summary of  the feedback  from the March 9th & 10th Focus Group meetings.

Download DeJONG-RICHTER’s presentation to the School Board Feb. 4, 2015.

Watch the video of that Feb. 4, 2015 School Board meeting.

Download the DeJONG-RICHTER presentation made for March focus groups.

Download the district snapshot report.

Download the draft enrollment projections report.